Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm givin' considerable thought to selling advertisin' space on this here blog. I talked to Jig, down there at the Hanky Pank Bar and Grill and he said he would consider it and a'course theys always Verletta and those arts and crafts she makes...always with those arts and crafts!...So iffin' ya'll tune in and find advertisers behind me, don't think your sister/friend Earlene has done sold out. I would never ever do that. It's just a rough patch and I'm bein' what I like to think of as "prudent", ya'know?

Iffin' ya'll are locals and you have any ideas of businesses I should hit about advertisin' space, just holler em out and I'll consider it. I know that Buster's Bees and Buckshot needs a little help and the Toadsuck's Women's Club and Charity Angels is dwindling in attendance and interest (well of course it is, what the heck do those women do all afternoon but drink spiked tea in those fancy houses o'theirs, gossip and tat doilies....cryin' out loud).

Anyhoo, lemmee know. Be good to each other and if you can't, well, sit next to me at Church and we'll figure it out....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This here is Earlene Clapsaddle! I'm new to the world of blogging. I'm just pleased as a fly kneedeep in rootbeer to be able to talk to you via the interwebs. Well. I guess that's it from here. Oh! I live in Toadsuck, Arkansas. But I'm a big personality and I'm beginning to believe that maybe one place can't hold me...maybe I was born to move!

Anyhoo, have a nice day...